Such a power-packed post, Chris! This was great - "Although I wasn’t a business, I had a lot of underlying problems that I needed to confront" - I love that you applied business strategies to work through challenges in this way.

The bamboo analogy is fabulous. I remember watching a ceramicist demonstrating throwing a pot on a wheel at an art event. 'How long does it take you to make one of these big bowls?' asked a bystander. 'Thirty years and ten minutes', he replied. I have to admit that I then took to using a similar phrase when I taught my glass art courses. 😁

Your post is great food for thought, and I really appreciate your furnishing me with tools to get to grips with some stuff of my own. Thank you.

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A round of applause for recognizing that need, moving forward with intentionality, and sustaining it over the long haul, Chris. Writing has always helped me organize my thoughts, but I've not employed consistency like I once did. Thank you for the reminder that it works!

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Another great read, Chris. I have never been a journal writer or much of a note taker, despite trying on and off for years. However, sharing very similar and frequent physical challenges to you, that lead to other life challenges, you have inspired me to start purging my thoughts, even a sentence a day .

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